Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paint and Trim Guide

A friend emailed me recently and asked me to give her some advice on painting trim and how to pair it with the wall color. I thought this would be good information to share with the rest of you. As most things go in the world of design there is no set RULE on paint colors and trim colors. However there are always colors that compliment each other and work better than others. 
I've always approached the rooms that I've painted with the same trim color carried throughout the house. Again, this is not a rule... it's just my taste, to have at least on color connecting all the rooms. (I will post later about how to make a home flow)

Here are some great examples of pairing trim and wall colors.

I love this look of painting the walls and trim the same color. Looks best when its a warm neutral color. 

Okay, when painting trim darker than the walls, it looks best when the walls are a neutral color so the trim and walls aren't competing with each other. Again.. not a rule, just more pleasing this way. (and you don't have to do every room in the house this way.. see how the entry way beyond is painted white?)

Wood in-laws have a lake house and the wall colors are neutral and their trim is a natural stained honey colored wood..and it looks great. It gives it a "rustic" look.

You can also go with neutral walls with a slightly darker neutral trim. Love this look as well. Its subtle but it does make a statement. (Again, notice that the trim in the next room over is lighter)

You don't always have to resort to white trim. This room has beautiful sunny blue walls with a champagne color trim. And it works! 

images courtesy of House Beautiful, Domino Mag, Traditional Home 
I hope this helps! If you have any questions about exact color matching for trim and wall, just send me an email, I'd be happy to help!


Gretchen O. said...

Great tips and inspiration. I am a fan of the same trim color throughout as well

Simple Dwellings said...

What a great post! I love the images you chose. Great advice!!

The enchanted home said...

Great post...and something everyone is always wondering. Lovely pictures too! You have a lovely blog here!
Please visit my new blog...less than 2 months old, about the building of our home and my love for design/decor. Would love you to stop by......have a wonderful weekend.

modern jane said...

I am so glad you posted this! The trim in my home is all white, however I am thinking of doing one of my bedrooms over with white walls and soft grey trim.. is that okay? should I paint the doors in the room grey too? I'd love your opinion!

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Scott Davidson said...
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