Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some sweet things for your sweet things!

No way, I have 200 followers!!!!! This makes my heart sing...I put my heart and soul into this blog, so it feels so good to see people following! You mean a ton to me.
I have to say that as a design lover I have never been into baby/kids things, I guess that's because I don't have any...(a student asked me yesterday when we're going to have babies, and I said, "we're working on it!"..and they giggled-you know how middle schoolers can be!) Anyhow, recently I started working at Nest, a nursery boutique and have discovered how fun kids rooms can be!

I found some cool things today that are just so adorable I just had to share with the moms out there, and future moms!

Sweet things....


This is children's wallpaper created by Binny Talib from Australia. Dwell Studios is carrying a few of her designs. So very adorable..if you're thinking..yeah thats cute, but maybe too much for me...think about maybe two panels with this wallpaper inside. 

Do I have a lot of followers that are moms? I would love to hear thoughts on sources for kids rooms-or great color combos!

Im also guest posting over at the lovely Carolyn's blog, Tilly Maison. I'm sharing my top 5 shops on etsy...these are good you'll definitely want to check it out. Oh, and here's what Tilly Maison's etsy shop has to offer...

Love them!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Congrats!!! Love your kid finds - adorable and Tilly Maison is one of my very favourite shops- Carolyn is brilliant!

tale of many cities said...

congrats on your 200! {think i was the one to put ya over the edge!}
and yeah.. they sure didn't have all of this adorable stuff for kids/nurseries back when i had little ones! :( i got hosed! lol