Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Reference: To soothe your January blues

Why do we start a brand new year in such a cold dreary month?! Imagine if New Year's took place in the spring... the year ahead would just seem so much more exciting, wouldn't it? 
I've found some ways to add a little cheer in the mean time, while we wait on spring.

Fresh flowers and clean scented candles (no more seasonal pumpkin spice or sugar cookies!)

Will asked me the other day why I'm wearing so much gray and black.  I started noticing after that, that we dress so dark this time of year, so I started adding pops of color to my attire and it really does lift my spirit! Try it!'s some more cheerful news....Polomaria (the handmade paper jewelry I posted about recently) is offering 10% off for you my sweet friends, until V-day!

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