Monday, January 17, 2011

It's in the bag and Blog award

Kickin' off the week with a little house keeping. I'm not good at getting things done. I'm honestly surprised I've been able to keep up with this blog this long.'s bad. I blame it, really, I always have a lot on my plate, I usually do, and I like it that way. It just takes me a little longer to get around to things, I know I'm not alone in this boat. Right?

Recently, I have been truly honored to receive stylish blogger awards from Sharry Hart at
 Design Indulgence, Kelly Krugh at 1551 Transformed, and Cassie Stocker at Reuse Reinvent Redesign.
This is where the procrastination kicked in....I knew that the awards involved a little bit of work on my writing about myself. Gulp. I've got to get it done, so here goes.

7 things about me....

1. Im about to get personal. Oh, Lord. I've been married for two years, to this really sweet guy, Will Merrell. He laughs at me and adores me and puts up with a lot! I'm not CRAZY about having babies, but it would be nice to have them. So my most recent endeavor has been discovering that I have endometriosis, and having surgery to remove it so that we can have kids. It's WEIRD starting this part of my life..out of the college life, engagement, marriage...babies (fingers crossed!) So thats where we are right now.

2. Things that make me SO happy: music, oops interior design was supposed to go first, really good creatively cooked food, beautiful colors, the coast (any coast will do as long as its warm), blogs, my cat Dip when he puts his paw on my face (in a loving way),  shopping when I actually have money, Scott's antique market (thats a BIG one), J. Crew, a really good hair day/ hairstyle, a weekend spent with my girlfriends, big trucks, college football, an old piece of furniture tucked away in an antique store thats crying out for me to take it home and paint it...I could go on.

3. I'm happiest when I'm busy... some would say I'm never satisfied, that could be true. My husband joked recently that I would make a good Governor for SC, because I wouldn't let any one just sit around...EVERYONE would be working. I think my pet peeve is laziness.

4. I am completely and helplessly in love with all things related to interiors. The smell of the wood of a newly framed house, the sound of hammers and saws, white walls before they've been painted, granite, marble, wood, paint, travertine, any natural stone, fabric, sisal, jute, oh don't get me started on the decorative aspects! This is my passion...I want to do it forever! I'm an art teacher now, but my goal is to be a full time interior designer.

5. I was born in Portsmouth, NH at an airforce base. My parents joke that I only cost $12.75. (Its not too expensive to have a baby at an airforce base!) We moved to Griffin, GA, this is generally where I grew up with my sister, Katie, and my parents. I went to Clemson, met Will, and now we live in Laurens, SC.

6. Working out, exercise. We've done P90X the past few years. Love that feeling of being SO worn out, and your muscles burn, and you feel like rubber...thats a good workout.

7. I would have to say that my two nieces, Lily and Lucy need to be on this list. Can't put into words how great they are... melt my heart! There's always a funny story to share... for instance, Katie (my sister) was holding hands and praying with Lily and Lucy while I was having surgery, and after the prayer Lily gets up and puts her hand on Katie's shoulder and says very seriously "We're going to get through this." Hilarious. Love them.

(Yes, they're in the dryer, they were hiding from Katie)

So thats it. I feel exhausted. That took two hours to write. See why I procrastinate?!

Now let me pass this on..... Blog's I've enjoyed visiting lately...

Laurel at Abode Love
Caitlin at Caitlin Creer Interiors
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I also contributed to the It's in the Bag that was started by Ashley from A Hasty Life

So here's what I've got in, Im getting personal today!

Not the clearest shot.....I'm a two bag kindof gal. One small bag that holds my important cards and my lip gloss and chapstick addiction, and a larger bag that holds my fold out wallet, my design sketch book, glasses, ipod, and sparkly business card wallet.

Now you know ALLLLL about me. Have a good one!


Erica said...

Great post! And LOVE that sparkly card wallet.
I recently found lego in my handbag... :) Erica

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Great post and I loved learning more about you. I know things will work out with #1 and loved hearing about Lucy and Lily- how precious. I share many your loves with you, though I admittedly, hate exercise- I wish I loved it like you do. Thanks again for sharing! xo

K. Hardie said...

Loved the blog and it doesn't have anything to do with the mention of Lily and Lucy (ok maybe a little) Love you keep up the good work!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

yay for the blog crawl! i love my nieces, too!! that's so cute about what they say after the prayer. hilarious!

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

A wonderful post, I love getting to know the woman behind the blog. You do a great job juggling life. When my husband and I went to have a child, I had a lot of trouble and four years later we had twins. Then TWO more later but very close in age. You never know what is going to happen, hang in there.

lemondropdreams said...

Best of luck with the baby thing. I've considered myself lucky, 2 miscarriages (it's almost weird now when I hear someone who hasn't) but 4 babies. I have a friend who had 2 etopic pregnancies, twins with in vitro and then their 3rd all natural. Things never seem to be as bad as you think!! Again, best of luck!!

Dawn said...

I have enjoyed reading this...even though my blog is not a design blog...I still love a good room that takes my breath away!! You have a passion for this and I understand your desire to make this your career. As I always your purpose. I will be posting a little interior decorating that I did over the summer at a friend's home...I will let you know when I post so that you can check it out...have a great week Nicole..Dawn Suitcase Vignettes