Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yay for Will!!!

Hey folks! Like I said yesterday, I threw Will a graduation party this past Saturday. Here are some pics of the festivities. We had a collection of hor d'ourves and desserts, and I went with a more casual theme by using moss, rocks, burlap, and tin bins for drinks.
So much fun-enjoy!

We had a serious corn hole competition..Will and I need A LOT of practice.

Check out the settee that they're sitting on. I stopped at a sweet couples house on my way to work because I saw this lovely piece of furniture sitting in their front yard, and I just HAD to ask. It's an antique bamboo settee-and she gave it to me!!! It needs restoration, but don't worry I have a plan for it...


Lindsey said...

Yay for Will! Can't wait to see what you do with that settee that you convinced that lady to give you :-) by the way... I'm already a follower... do I still count for getting in E's contest for the silhouettes?

Julie said...

Hi Nikki, it's Julie M. I LOVE, LOVE my cat silhouettes that E gave my for Mother's Day!! they are the best!! thanks so much for doing them!! Love your blog, you are so talented!! Happy Birthday to Mini!! How old is she now? I would love for she and Addy to meet!!