Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank you design*sponge!!!!

Hey! My little entry way was featured on the before and after from design*sponge!!! Go look at it...

p.s.-How in the world do you add a link to a click 'here' and it will take you right to the page?! It's bad, I know...


E said...

Ok Miss Thing, Since you are getting so famous, I will help you out and tell you how to link a word.

From COMPOSE, simply highlight the word you want to include the link in your entry. THEN, click on the little button at the top of the text box that says "Link." When you do this, a dialogue box comes up.

THe first line says: "Text to display" this should have your highlighted word/words already in it.

In the second spot, click web address and copy and paste your link in the space.

That should do it!!!

Kim said...

What type of paint did you use and what type of top coat?

It looks great!

Design Blooms said...

Thanks Kim-I used sherwin williams floor paint and then a polyruethane top coat. I used 3 coats of floor paint, and one poly top coat.

E! I knew you be the one to come through for me! Your amazing in so many ways. fyi golden retrievers love softball its just in their blood.