Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiring my kitchen

Sooo....didn't tackle any inside projects this weekend, just some serious yard work. So much so that I was able to manage a little poison ivy on my legs (right before a wedding..grrreeeaattt), and pollen was EVERYWHERE, I even found some in my belly button. However, our yard is really coming together! I discovered some hidden flowers..purple iris and a mystery flower that I found in the ivy.
We got a letter that informed us that our first time home buyers money is on its way. YAYYY!!! So I've started ordering tile and countertop samples (so much fun!), and I have been searching for kitchen inspiration. I really don't know how to categorize my style, but I am very drawn to coastal living..so thats where I began my search. This is what I found..now my job is to morph all these kitchens into one-yikes. Here's what I like from each...

I want the baby from that one. Just kidding, kind of, I just really like the atmosphere or environment that it portrays.

Love the wine cabinet and nautical style light fixtures...

The oven range surround is great...It's like a mantle, which is perfect for the little added accessories.

We have upper cabinet doors just like these, except I want to add the glass like they have..and I like the dark counter tops.

Can't really use this style..but I want to be there! You know she's got to be looking at the beach.

We have three windows over our sink like this..I like these shades, and those tomatoes look tasty.

Whoa! So much color! I would never go this wild, but I like the baskets. Knowing my husband those oranges would be gone in a week.

Love the barstools and the color scheme-so fresh, the way a kitchen should be!

I want all of it please...but I will just settle for the wall trim with the shelving for the frames. I will use this behind the breakfast nook table and bench.

The cabinet trim is what caught my eye in this kitchen.

Do ya'll have any good resources for kitchens? Please share!

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