Thursday, April 29, 2010

Patio Refresher

Here's my most recently completed project. I had an old iron patio set that needed a serious refresher. I went a little wild with the color but I loved these chairs (thanks E! (;) so much I just had to do it! The color is complementary to the green colors in nature, and I am ALL about some complementary colors! I'm thinking about painting a rug underneath the patio set...I think that would be so much cooler than buying an outdoor rug.


E said...

Girl, love the new patio look! As always, beautiful! What chairs were you talking about? The link doesn't work!

Design Blooms said...

Oh dang it-of course! I was so proud of my 'link' and it doesnt work. They're from a Jamaican house, they're purple adorondak chairs, all along the front porch.
Thanks girl!