Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Cleaning guest post

I know the arrival of warmer weather can bring out the spring cleaners in a lot of us, so we have Eva Stephen with us today talking about just that! Yay!

Spring Clean Your Way to Organized Perfection

Spring cleaning is looming ever closer, and for most of us there is the need to strengthen our stamina and gird our loins for the challenge ahead; even those of us who enjoy the satisfaction of a good scrub and clean-out. But spring cleaning is an excellent time to become the organized domestic goddess that you have always longed to be. To this end use spring cleaning to get the whole household completely organized and decluttered. It is also an excellent time to finally do all those small jobs that have accumulated throughout the year, the ones that are small and fiddly and tend to be put on the back burner. Keep an on-going list to remind you of these items, and at spring cleaning time, when you are turning out drawers and shifting all the furniture to clean underneath, take the time to do those tasks as you work through each room.


Plan, plot, list and organise

Do not simply begin one day when you can no longer put it off, rather plan ahead, setting aside at least a week to get everything done. The planning can be done beforehand, at the weekend or during an evening, but do make sure to put aside enough time to go through the entire house, noting down anything out of the ordinary that will need specialized tools or cleaning products, the services of a tradesman or extra time. Encourage children and partners to declutter their own personal belongings as much as possible, and ask them to bag up old clothes, unwanted toys and any other items that may simply be taking up valuable space.

Once you have noted everything that needs doing you can begin to sketch out a plan of action and arrange for handymen where necessary. Rough out a schedule, leaving rooms to be worked in by outside workmen to last – there is nothing worse than muddy footprints, drips, smears and little heaps of dust and sawdust left in a freshly cleaned or painted room! Make sure everyone in the family knows when their personal space will be invaded by the unstoppable behemoth of spring cleaning, and make sure they will all be available to help out – everyone lives in the family home and everyone has a responsibility to help look after it!

Replace the old, repair the broken and add signature pieces

Try to effect any repairs that need to be done before the major cleaning work begins, this gives you the chance to see if broken furniture can be repaired, or if it is better to get new and interesting pieces of furniture from online furniture retailer shop4furniture.net.  


This also is where organization systems can be implemented, giving you the opportunity to change the entire layout of rooms to make systems more organized, streamlined and intuitive for those using it.

Scrub, clean, wipe, sweep, mop and hoover!

Begin on one side of the house, and on the top floor, moving methodically right to left, or vice versa, ensuring that no cupboards or nooks and crannies are overlooked. Be sure to look up as you work, spider webs creep insidiously across ceilings and often escape notice until they are immense! Check out some tips to clean spider webs. Door frames, the tops of window sills and skirting boards all trap a surprising amount of dirt, but are easily sorted with a feather duster or soft cloth. Do not neglect your windows either, hire a window cleaner or do it yourself, but make sure your windows sparkle cleanly in the spring sunshine – it will make the whole room brighter and more welcoming. If the children are helping out, make sure you check on them periodically as it can be tempting for a child to skimp on a job, leaving a nasty surprise for you the next time you are giving the room what should be a quick once over!

Final touches, attractive features and refreshed ornamentation

Purchase or pick bunches of fresh flowers, treat the living room to brand new colourful cushion covers and arrange ornaments and photos in pleasing and eye catching arrangements. These touches help to enhance the ambiance of the room, as well as drawing the eye to the freshly cleaned and organized drawers and storage units.


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Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...

Great tips! I love the idea of adding fresh flowers. That always makes any space warm and inviting! :)

Eva Stephen said...
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Eva Stephen said...

Hi Amber, Exactly. I believe nature always has very positive effects on its surroundings and particularly people. Thanks for your comments. :)

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