Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Color Moods: The Color of Happiness

Are you feeling it? Spring is slowly moving in and I am so ready for it!
In my old age (yeah it's true), my palette has become more natural and muted. I love the crispness of gray and white in a's so refreshing. When we first bought our home three years ago, I went crazy with dining room, yellow hallway, blue guest bedroom, I was all over the bold color map. While I'm moving away from using these colors within my home I still truely appreciate the jolt of happiness these vibrant colors create. There's something about the approach of spring and summer that gets me really excited about bringing in more color to my life!

I love the white backdrop in these two rooms and then the injection of bold accents.

These two colors would be a great pair in a nursery or mud room!

A shot taken while on vacation from the blog, I Suwanee.


A few great color pairings for 2013 are emerald green, citron, and a misty blue. These are inspired by Pantone.

Now you've recieved your daily dose of color!

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