Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Bathroom Update

A small change of a shower curtain turned into a bathroom redo. I have really wanted to make an update since this change we made a few years ago. It just didn't make me happy, so I lived with it for a while.
I wanted to make a shower curtain that was longer than the average 72 inches. I found this Dwell fabric online, ordered 2 1/2 yards, and found out I was about 2 yards short. So I ordered gray fabric to add stripes, but the gray was too green/gray. Not to worry, there's always a solution! I bought black fabric dye from a local craft store and washed the dye and fabric together. The grays matched perfectly!
(If you have questions about fabric dye, just email me, and I will be glad to help!)

Here's the new look...

The curtain turned out to be 86 inches long, which I love!

About the ceiling....I have never painted a ceiling other that white, and I felt like this was such a BOLD move. After I was done painting, I stepped back to take it all in and thought "It's not thaaatt drastic"
It just fits in with the space.
A little watacola' I it creepy? I just love owls.


Holly said...

Good for you for taking a risk and painting the ceiling - I think it's great. I'm hoping to paint some ceilings in our next home someday. But hold the phone, you painted that owl? You are a talented gal! Do you have an Etsy shop to sell your work? And I've always loved that Dwell fabric - I love seeing it on your shower curtain. Nice work!

chibiaion said...

Love the new look and those shower curtain prints. Hows that owl creepy, its brilliant! Love the tones used.

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Bromeliad said...

Wow, what an ordeal with the shower curtain. But it looks great.

Wonderful Life! said...

I LOVE the owl. I just purchase an owl pencil drawing at a thrift store and love it, too. Do you have an etsy store? I am new to your blog, found you through Sherry Hart's blog. I'm a newbie blogger...come over and check it out! I will spend awhile here....