Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY Headboards

Happy Monday!! Yayyyy (can you hear the sarcasm?)


Ever since my post about my amazing mattress in the guest bedroom, I've been secretly scheming ways to switch out those beds. My problem with my guest bed is that I think the head board is a little outdated, and of course I want to make my own headboard!! I've never done upholstered headboard that is, and I'm thinking it needs to be done!
Here's some great inspiration....

An amazing DIY upholstered headboard tutorial by Grace from Design*Sponge

This tutorial really sold me on the whole Grace.


Possibly some nail head trim?

Ever made your own headboard? I would love to hear what you think!!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts on my tv wall...and I am happy to annouce that the stripes are up in all their glory!! I am so happy, they look great! I can't wait to show you tommorrow!

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Holly said...

I'd love to try an upholstered headboard at some point, but I don't see it in my near future. I hope you try it though so I can see your steps and how you think the process is. That first image is one of my favorites - I love it. And I can't wait to see your stripes - I knew I was probably the only one to not vote for stripes but I know they'll look great. We've got stripes in my living room and I love them, but I'm also ready to repaint to another color. We're always ready to redesign when the design is "finished" aren't we? :)