Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Moods:Wood series

Yawn...wood? Really? Really, because when you pair wood with colors (the right colors) you get some amazing combination. A room can really come to life.
Do you want to make orange feel really good about itself? Put it next to some natural wood, and some white, and you'll have yourself some orange that's bursting with confidence! I've also noticed that wood really is making a come back (or did it ever really leave?), from floors, to ceilings, and furniture.
Now I don't mean orange walls, wood floors and furniture...You can have blue or neutral colored walls, and carpeted or tiled floors, but then you can bring in wood assecories or furniture and toss in a few orange accents.

I know there's no clear wood tones or a lot of white, but this one was just too great not to include!

See? Just toss in a little orange!

HGTV Dream Home via My Design Dump

Would love to hear your opinions on this!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Designer Spotlight

Let's get this Sunday started off with a lovely designer spotlight. I really like finding designers that truly inspire me, they give me ideas, and basically create rooms that are just nice to look at!  
I came across Katie of Katie Dunham Interiors. Take a look for yourself, then I will share with you what I like about her work.

You may ask, how can I make something like this in my home? Easy, here's what you do: spend a little time on CraigsList, it may take a while to find the perfect chairs, but keep looking. Once you find them, sand them down and paint them the color you want, then sand them again to give them the "old weathered" look. And for the the table...if your thrifty and DIY savvy, check out this idea, for the base, and for the table top, I think glass or a high gloss painted wood might look great!

I have to get my hands on one of those driftwood spheres!!

Those lights are amazing! I think bringing in a variety of lighting adds so much more interest to a space!

I like the four small pendant lights over the island. I'm sure this adds a better dimension of lighting instead of just one spotlight in the middle. 

Check out the shelving over the windows. I love this and instead of using glass cabinets or a china cabinet, the shelves are easy to do, and bring your eyes up, adding height. 
I just wouldn't add anything too dark, stick with white or clear glassware. 

Also, there's no room for overhead lights over the sink, so she added lights on the side of the windows. 

What else do you see about her design work that's inspiring?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your guide to getting cozy

Don't you just love it..fall is so wonderful. I put a list of items together that can make getting cozier even better!

I highly recommend all these things! Wouldn't #9 feel so great with some black leggings and some camper socks! Like fall wrapping you up with a big cozy hug! 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alright, where was I?

I'm so glad to be back in the blogging world again! I've missed being away from y'all and design. I was real wrapped up in trying to make something work, it took up all my time, and it's just not happening, so I'm letting it go, and focusing back on my true passion, which is this blog. 

I've been on a strict decorating budget lately, so I've brought fall into my home with close to zero dollars! Well, I spent a few dollars on some pumpkins, but that's it! I've got a few projects lined up, that I'm so excited about sharing with everyone.
I have to say, I absolutely adore fall, everything about it! My home feels so cozy. This weekend it was so cold, so I lit my fall scented candles, made a pot of coffee, and snuggled up with a new magazine, it was perfect!
Here's a few of my favorite spots around our home.

Like I said, I used no money, so I pulled out brown paper that we used for wrapping paper last year, and made two table runners! Is that sad? I can't decide if it's a really cool idea, or just kind of hobo-ish.
I used chalk to add a little flair as well.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!