Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'll be back....

Have you noticed my lack of presence lately? I'm swamped. So instead of throwing a post together for the sake of "posting", I'm going to step away for a few days, three actually. I'll be back on Monday. I'm looking forward to a long relaxing week off... Spring break! Don't worry, I already have plenty of projects planned!
All I REALLY want to do is be somewhere warm...maybe in a field, where I can soak up the sun!

Then off the the beach to cool off...I might bring some balloons just for the fun of it!

As far as projects go, I wish I could repaint my kitchen white or maybe a very light grey. But that would involve painting the entire house, I think.

The real project is my dining room. I'm updating the paneling, and my inspiration comes from Milk and Honey Home, here (If you click on the 12th picture under the suburb category, you'll see the paneling, thought the link would take you right there, but it's a no go!)

Don't go too far, I'll be back next week!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A silver rocker?

Sorry for the absence, I'm taking a graduate course that is kicking my butt! I did find time to sneak in an hour of "me time" on Saturday and visited an amazing vintage store in Greenville. I found a rocker that's very similar to the one Lee Kleinhelter used in her nursery. I'm debating whether to get it or's LESS than $100!

Speaking of Lee...let's look at some of her amazing rooms.

Which plate do you use?!

I have to say this one is my favorite by far... something about that blue and orange mixed with natural jute, just love it!

Here's my question for you moms out there, and dads! (I'm not pregnant) But I am trying to shop ahead for the nursery so I won't have to buy it all at once. Do you really need a cozy, upholstered rocker, or would the silver, sleek, really awesome rocker like Lee's do the trick?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One fabric, three ways

This week is just blazing past me! I have been working on a few projects the past few weeks, and have been able to use the same fabric on all three projects (the last one, my mom made, because I don't sew).
The first are two barstools I found for a steal on Craigslist...they were in bad smoker's house shape. We sanded them down, stained them in a bombay stain, and recovered the seats. Simple..with a very rewarding outcome.
 Those seats were awful, the picture doesn't do them justice!

 After, cleaned up...

 I used yellow Ikat fabric from

 On to the next project, a vintage bamboo lamp from the Hospice store. The base was painted white, and I bought a drum shade from Target, that I recovered in the yellow Ikat fabric. I used this demo from Isabella and Max.

Now, I am happy with it, but I'm still deciding on which color I want to use for the trim around the bottom and top of the lamp. Opinions?

 I really didn't want to use this picture, but it's the only one that shows the details of the lamps, so just ignore me please.

This last project was a pouf my mom made for me with the yellow ikat fabric. It has become Dip's favorite nap spot, so it looks a little deflated. I think he has seriously been sent to us to prepare me for children, he whines when I'm trying to get ready, leaves messes everywhere, and WILL not eat his food until we have run our hands through it! He is such a high maintenace animal.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Moods: Dive in Blue

I'm diving in ladies! Have you noticed the love of blue that's been flying around in magazines, stores, and blogs lately? I am all about this rich and very refreshing blue. I'm going to say it's in between navy and indigo.....nadigo or indavy. Mix it with grey, ivory, orange, lavender, yellow.. oh it's so beautiful!

Do you have blue in your home? Would love to hear how you use it in your space!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Love for my new rug

I received my new rug yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised. I've been looking at it online for so long, it's weird to actually see it on my floor. I picked the blue because it compliments the deep orange in the room.

I want to add a little more blue to tie it in better, so I started photoshopping (is that a word?) a few pillows into the room....

You may have noticed the empty book shelf in the back ground... the bracket broke last weekend, so we had to take all the books off in order to replace it.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend..enjoy this gorgeous weather.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Green Theme

Love this picture from The Inspired Room. When the light soaks an entire room..It makes everything seem so much more beautiful. Then my eyes are drawn to the floor and I see all the beautiful dog hair that I need to sweep's a busy day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love this shop!

Soap gems, ottoman trays, and polka dot coasters..oh my!

If you don't already know, these are from Jamie Meares's shop, Furbish. She has a blog
 I Suwannee, as well. I've known about Furbish for a while, but never really took a close look at her merchandise until today. I was impressed, Furbish has so many great gift ideas and amazing accessories to add in a home. Check out those soap gems! Those would look so cute in an apothecary jar in the bathroom! If you're in the Raleigh, NC area, drop by her shop, I bet it's incredible.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Color Moods: A little blush

I honestly don't feel good walking out of the house without adding a dab of blush, in fact if I wear any make-up at all it's usually blush (and a little concealor). I love that sweet touch it adds to a face and a space. (Didn't do that on purpose!) It's not's blush..a subtle pink. I love it!
Here's why...


Blush has so much to offer in a room!