Friday, March 11, 2011

My Anthropologie and Z Gallerie mantel

As promised...I am showing you my mantel today. 

It's still a work in progress. I kind of feel the same way about my mantel that I do about the rest of my house. Just a little frustrated. Can't seem to get it right. I think it's time for a shopping spree....

An imaginary shopping spree!!
 If I had things my way, which is what I strive to do everyday (; I would certainly have an Anthro inspired mantel. I am quickly becoming obsessed with Anthropologie (I've even researched their bio where they originated, factory outlets, etc)

I also love Z Gallerie, have you been to their website lately...I love their new Spring items. I have always been a big fan of mixing here...silver lanterns with driftwood and ceramic candlesticks.
Fun stuff.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Lovin That! said...

I love what you've done! My pic are the Anthro can't go wrong (I'm a little obsessed myself!).

modern jane said...

I love that bird and your silhouettes are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hello There!
Just discovered your blog thanks to my friend Dawn @ Suitcase Vignettes....I absolutely love your blog and can't wait to for your next posting!!! Your DIY projects are awesome and have given me inspiration to start doing some of my own....I love the twig lamp and your stenciled bedroom wall and pieces of furniture. Hope you have a great have yourself a new follower for life:)
Thanks, Jenni

Anonymous said...

So cute! I think you did a great job on your whole mantel! May I ask what color your walls are in that room - lovely!!

MEGMAC said...

GREAT mirror. And I adore the branches. Keep up the good work!

Bromeliad said...

You totally had me going for a second with the photoshopping.

BTW, is that a pouf next to your fireplace?