Friday, April 30, 2010

Texture and Color

I wrote a long speech about the importance of texture and color in the home but it just sounded annoying, so here's what I said in a very short version.
Color-when done right adds harmony.
Texture-when layered adds a comfortable 'lived in' environment.

If you have any questions about color choices or how to add texture into your home, email me at

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Patio Refresher

Here's my most recently completed project. I had an old iron patio set that needed a serious refresher. I went a little wild with the color but I loved these chairs (thanks E! (;) so much I just had to do it! The color is complementary to the green colors in nature, and I am ALL about some complementary colors! I'm thinking about painting a rug underneath the patio set...I think that would be so much cooler than buying an outdoor rug.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh yeah....

I'm a teacher....As much as I would love to spend my days searching for inspiration, creating projects, and then blogging about them, I can't..right now. Grades are due, shows are quickly approaching, and tests are around the corner. This is my explanation for my absence. BUT I will be back tommorrow with a new post on a new project that is complete! Just one more day...

Thanks ya'll!!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I was searching for inspiration this morning. I've just been feeling real confused about the direction I want to take in my kitchen and guest bedrooms. Sometimes I see something I like and then spin an idea for my home off it; I like it for a month and then I change my mind. I feel like I really need to settle somewhere..and be confident in it.
I was looking at One King's Lane this morning and found a design group that has an amazing, timeless style, that I absolutely melt over. Wassucco Warner Miller , what can I say, I'm in love.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank you design*sponge!!!!

Hey! My little entry way was featured on the before and after from design*sponge!!! Go look at it...

p.s.-How in the world do you add a link to a click 'here' and it will take you right to the page?! It's bad, I know...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiring my kitchen

Sooo....didn't tackle any inside projects this weekend, just some serious yard work. So much so that I was able to manage a little poison ivy on my legs (right before a wedding..grrreeeaattt), and pollen was EVERYWHERE, I even found some in my belly button. However, our yard is really coming together! I discovered some hidden flowers..purple iris and a mystery flower that I found in the ivy.
We got a letter that informed us that our first time home buyers money is on its way. YAYYY!!! So I've started ordering tile and countertop samples (so much fun!), and I have been searching for kitchen inspiration. I really don't know how to categorize my style, but I am very drawn to coastal thats where I began my search. This is what I my job is to morph all these kitchens into one-yikes. Here's what I like from each...

I want the baby from that one. Just kidding, kind of, I just really like the atmosphere or environment that it portrays.

Love the wine cabinet and nautical style light fixtures...

The oven range surround is great...It's like a mantle, which is perfect for the little added accessories.

We have upper cabinet doors just like these, except I want to add the glass like they have..and I like the dark counter tops.

Can't really use this style..but I want to be there! You know she's got to be looking at the beach.

We have three windows over our sink like this..I like these shades, and those tomatoes look tasty.

Whoa! So much color! I would never go this wild, but I like the baskets. Knowing my husband those oranges would be gone in a week.

Love the barstools and the color scheme-so fresh, the way a kitchen should be!

I want all of it please...but I will just settle for the wall trim with the shelving for the frames. I will use this behind the breakfast nook table and bench.

The cabinet trim is what caught my eye in this kitchen.

Do ya'll have any good resources for kitchens? Please share!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Sunroom Reveal 2010

Im calling this the Sunroom Reveal 2010 because I am going with the theme of the parties or "events" that I threw when I was in college. I LOVE having parties, not wild drinking parties, but pick a theme, cook tasty fun food, play music in the 'background', and dress nice type parties. Those were the days. I had a Spring Bash 2005, a Happy Graduation 2006, Surprise Graduation name it, I'll add a date and make it a party!
So...the guilty subject is our sunroom. Drab, to put it nicely. Dark wood paneled walls, carpet (of course!), and valances longer than a country mile.
As we peeled off the carpet we discovered wood 'linoleum' type flooring, which had a beachy look to it, so being on a budget, we decided to keep it for a while. (Im planning on painting the floor white in the near future). The walls took several layers of paint, I mean several, and so did our LOVELY tile ceiling. Let me apologize to you about our ceiling, we are going to cover it with bead board eventually, but sometimes you just have to work with what you've got for a while.

Also, I need some opinions on this, should we replace the blinds with bamboo shades? This will cost an arm and possibly a leg, but I am seriously considering it. What do ya'll think?


These are two of my recent paintings...if you are interested, please contact me for pricing.

Dip loves the chair.

I used wire for the curtain rod, thats why it's a little droopy (sp?), never will I ever buy wire for rods AGAIN! I came very close to crying.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now where was I.....

Sorry ya'll!!! I got a little distracted by a spring break. (This is where teaching pays off!) It was wonderful. Out of ten days, we spent approximately one day at home. So, needless to say, I didn't get a ton of projects done. However we did make a trip to Ikea and I am happy to say that our master bedroom and sunroom are complete. A little advise..if you want curtains, start your search at Ikea, I got four pairs of curtains for $40!!! (You'll see these pictures later in the week) I also finished the cherry blossom tree motif in the bathroom and I painted a sweet little birdhouse.
Part of my spring break was spent with my two neices, Lily and Lucy. They're hilarious and I love them, so I just had to share some pictures.
Once again, I am so sorry for my absence, and I am very excited about my two new followers, WELCOME!!!! Hope you enjoy...
Lucy (or as Lily calls her "my ucy")
And Lily, sporting her "dressed down" look...underwear and a bag of chocolate.
My motif...
And the birdhouse hotel.